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Tytykalo Jakub (CZE)

Astral meeting / Sušická street / WALLZ 21

Painter Jakub Tytykalo bases his work both on his own imagination and on a number of sources from mythology, literature and psychology to philosophy. Meyrink-like compositions are a synthesis of the subconscious, the structure of thinking, alchemy, symbolism. The artist absorbs various influences from the outside, some of which then resurface in his paintings. Fragmented beings, still-lives, landscapes and urban scenes can stylistically resemble cubism and surrealism. Openness is important for the author; he lets the interpretation of the paintings live its own life. From a technical point of view, he combines a more traditional acrylic painting with lightened spray technique and hints of collage.

Like in his paintings, in Pilsen Tytykalo worked with a pre-prepared concept, into which the mood of a particular place was subsequently reflected. The painter has not been working on the street for a long time, so the Pilsen mural was an interesting experience for him and a confirmation that a prepared sketch is just the beginning and only the process will show where the resulting work will go.

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