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Ruin a Skirl (AUT)

Health / Lidická street / WALLZ 20

Ruin and Skirl are among the most important street art artists in Austria. Ruin combines writing and imaginative illustration in his paintings, his work is playful, ironic, humorous, we encounter bizarre characters, flying fish, incomprehensible objects. Skirl‘s distinctive style is defined by the organic structures of black or blue lines. With its hand-cut roller, he leaves an unmistakable, more or less abstract, mark on the walls. The Viennese duo, Ruin and Skirl, create their works spontaneously on the basis of their own impressions, moods and mutual discussion. On the long wall by the Medical Faculty, their handwritings naturally intertwine, while the wall on Vejprnická shows the originality of both artists separately.

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