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Kaláb Jan (CZE)

98 Positions of Sun / Komenského 61 / WALLZ 21

Jan Kaláb currently belongs to the legends of the Czech graffiti scene. He created his first piece in 1993, when he was 15 years old. Although his work has moved from outdoor spaces to galleries in recent years and has been successfully presented both in Czechia and abroad, he has not stopped interacting with urban space. In his geometrically abstract paintings, the most important role is played by the dynamic composition and captivating colourfulness, with which he tries to capture the infinity of the universe. Kaláb is also one of the first authors of plastic 3D graffiti in the world.

The abstract motif on the sidewall of a tower block in Lochotín is based on the artist‘s last paintings, which, inspired by microcosm and cellular forms, refer semantically to the simplicity of the basic elements of the world and the universe. The monumental painting replaced outdated and faded advertising message and can thus and can thus be the beginning of an effort for a new perception of public space in the environment of Pilsen housing estates.

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