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Janovský Jakub (CZE)

Bird in a cage / Kotíkovská street / WALLZ 20

Today Jakub is best known for his studio work, however, during his studies at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts he had been creating transient black drawings in abandoned interiors and exteriors. These were very peculiar wall expressions with strong motifs, which subsequently appear in the paintings. Here the artist often turns to the past, to the childhood times. He works with topics of human weakness, pride, selfishness, naivety and cruelty. The paintings do not leave viewers in peaceful reflection, they make them nervous in a way, they evoke a feeling that something is about to happen, something is coming, we don‘t know when, we don‘t know from where. On the faded wall of a garage, Jakub focuses in this sense on his current theme of children playgrounds.

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