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Infra (DEU)

Untitled / Raisova 20 / WALLZ 23

Stefan Busch aka Infra began his artistic journey in 2011 when he discovered tape as a creative medium and quickly became captivated by its potential. Since 2012, he has been active in the Berlin-based collective, Tape That, spreading the ideas of Tape Art. Together they organize workshops and exhibitions all over the world. In mutual cooperation, they have also quickly managed to catch the attention of forward-thinking brands such as Google, Adidas, Nike, Mercedes and Microsoft. Infra usually has a clear idea for his specific works, he knows in advance what he would like to produce on a given wall. The local culture and environment may give him new impulses, but he never abandons his own ideas.

On the facade of a house in Raisova Street, Infra created a slightly illusory and colourful geometric painting typical of him, using a lot of adhesive tapes. His idea here was to play with the perspective of the building and to create geometric lines that would reflect the depth of the house, its inner world, something that is beyond the walls of the building. But the resulting painting can also be seen simply as a colourful variegation of the environment in which the local people live. The artist prefers to leave his art in the places where people spend most of their time. And so he brings something completely new and positive into their homes and daily lives.

Implementation partner:
Subsidy program to support artists as part of residential stays in the territory of the statutory city of Pilsen.

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