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Hirsher Vladimír aka Caer8th (CZE)

Rendez-vous with "Gus" on other side of event horizon / Sady 5. května / WALLZ 22

Vladimír Hirscher aka Caer8th started creating graffiti at the age of 14 and today belongs to the leading street artists who emerged from the original underground. He has been painting professionally since 2007 in a wide range of forms, from interior and exterior design, through traditional painting and graphics with a specialization in 3D painting to Light Art, air brush or body-painting. His distinctive style can be classified as „post-graffiti“. Thematically, it focuses primarily on science and science fiction, but also on social and environmental issues.

In Pilsen, Caer8th followed on his current most popular creation of space concepts in the 3D graffiti style associated with characters. In an effort to create something original and break away from old traditions, he builds his infantry of new saints who have sacrificed their lives for noble causes, such as science, healthcare and space exploration. Thus, personalities such as Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman, Carl Sagan and Neil Armstrong appear in his paintings. The painting on a technical building in the very centre of Pilsen is dedicated to the Apollo 1 mission and depicts one of the author‘s new saints, Gus Grissom, who tragically perished during this mission.

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