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Háblovi René a Patrik a Michálek Radek (CZE)

Cosmos / Sokolovská 116 / WALLZ 23

The expressive work of the Czech painter, Patrik Hábl, moves on the line between painting and graphic art. His works cover more or less imaginary abstract landscapes reflecting mainly the inner world of the artist himself. Patrik Hábl's distinctive realizations in outdoor space are monumental paintings of waterfalls. The paintings of Patrik's brother, also a prominent painter, René Hábl (†2021), are a world of childhood experiences, dreams and fantasies. At a certain stage of his work, René turned to the stylized figure in the sense of a sign or metaphor and tried to break the boundary between figuration and abstraction. The paintings do not need depth; their natural flatness is accompanied by a distinctive colour.

It was a painting from this period of René Hábl's work that served as a model for a large-scale painting on the side facade of the apartment block in Sokolovská Street, where Patrik Hábl decided to place it as a tribute to his prematurely deceased brother. Due to Patrik's illness during the festival, the painting titled Cosmos, which was finally realized by the experienced street art artist Radek Michálek aka Kedar 37, literally brightened up not only the facade of the apartment block with its yellow background, in which red and blue figures float carelessly, but also brought a completely new aesthetic perception to the entire housing estate.

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