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Dwa Zeta - Slawek ZBIOK Czajkowski a Karolina Zajaczkowska (POL)

Kisses from me to you / U seřadiště / WALLZ 20

Zbiok is one of the most active and acclaimed Polish artists working on the boundary of street art. He has participated in numerous group and individual exhibitions and street art festivals around the world. His characteristic style of painting is based on street aesthetics, paintings by famous artists of the 20th century, pop culture and the Internet. Colourful naive paintings are teeming with strange characters and monsters. The themes of Zbiok‘s works touch on issues of social inequality, violence, discrimination and the alienation of the individual. His style constantly evolves and radically changes. Since 2014, he as been part of the art duo DWA ZETA with Karolina Zajaczkowska. Under difficult circumstances, they also created a large painting for Pilsen together.

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