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Dušek Pavel (CZE)

Hall01_4/6 / Sedláčkova 19 / WALLZ 23

Pavel Dušek is a prominent personality of the young street art generation; from the age of fifteen he has been placing stencils, posters and stickers in the streets. He graduated from Michael Rittstein studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and he won the 2021 Critics Award for Young Painting. Pavel Dušek has gradually created a very original artistic expression moving on the line between painting, object, and possibly also architecture. He originally intended his paintings on concrete tiles for the street and not for galleries, where they now go to from the street. He usually sticks concrete tiles in busy urban places, where it becomes an interesting means of communication between the artist and the public. His concrete works can be found in many places around the world from Venice, Paris, London and New York to Jakarta. Thanks to the Wallz festival, now also in the centre of Pilsen.

An important component of Pavel's work is the perception and experience of space, working and playing with it. In most cases, he follows the motif of interiors, in which he works with more or less specific details and complements the natural greyness of concrete with colourful accents. These are not purely abstract spaces; inspiration often comes from his favourite artists such as Le Corbusier, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe or the Bauhaus school principles. The coded titles are then based on specific models.

In the case of the Pilsen realization on the corner of Družba café, it is an inspiration in the architecture of the Swiss architect Le Corbusier.

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