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WALLZ 2023

This year, Pilsen's public space was enlivened by the fourth annual Wallz street art festival. You could meet artists from the Czech Republic and abroad in the streets directly at work from Monday 19 June to Friday 23 June 2023, when the final festival party and the opening of the accompanying exhibition at DEPO2015 took place.

In addition to large-scale paintings by established artists such as Pauser, Obic, Patrik Hábl, Dante and the artistic duo ZEBU, Pavel Dušek also presented himself at the festival this year with his concrete reliefs. The festival once again diversified with a rich accompanying program for children and adults.

List of artists and places:

Patrik Hábl (CZ)

Location: panel house Sokolovská 116

Obic (CZ)

Location: ČEZ Distribution technical building, Brněnská x Sedlecká ul.

Mattia Campo Dall'Orto (IT/SLO)

Location: former Jateční/Doubravecká dining room 

Infrared (DE)

Location: Apartment house Raisova 20 

Lukáš Kladívko (CZ)

Location: Dobřanská 5

Pauser (CZ)

Location: Waldorf school, Husovo nám.

Pavel Dušek (CZ)

Location: Corner of Sedláčkov x Riegrova Street

Dante (GEO)

Location: technical building near Papírny


Location: Hall TJ Slavoj Plzeň

Jakob the Brother (AT)

Location: Technical building Chrástecká ul.


22. 6. from 17:00 –public graffiti jam on the wall of the Bory University Hospital. Do not hesitate to arrive, we will provide the sprays!

23. 6. from 16:00 at DEPO2015 will take place graffiti workshop for children

23. 6. from 18:00 –the end of the WALLZ festival no. 4 and the opening of the WALLZ 2023 exhibition in DEPO2015 


More info at Facebook events.

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