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A natureza / Skupova 4a / WALLZ 21

Artist Dalila Monteiro aka Zooter came to Pilsen from Aveira, Portugal, a candidate city for the 2027 European Capital of Culture. She sees the urban space as her home, loves painting in the streets where there are no rules and where art and its message are intended for the general public. Zooter started with graffiti, then produced characters in the form of women or spray figures, and today she paints large-format murals. In some works she draws on conversations with people, works with different contexts, other times she simply paints what she likes. Pure drawing with elements of humour and hyperbole often connects well-known works with comic-book environment. The style is based on cartoon aesthetics in combination with geometric and abstract shapes.

Zooter arrived at the facade of Skupovka with a design that subsequently developed under the influence of the environment full of trees and greenery, which was reflected in the painting. The distinctive colours that the painter loves to work with and the delicate motif of nature and a girl‘s figure reflect the character of the building, which functions as a leisure centre for children.

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