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Yakokarlik a Pessertive crew (CZE)

RBS / Anglické nábřeží / WALLZ 22

Jakub Karlík aka Yakokarlik loves skateboarding and fine art from street-art to graphics, illustration and design. With his interventions, he helps to cultivate public space; he is one of the initiators of the creation of DIY skate spots in interesting and to some extent also forgotten places, especially in Pilsen, but he also has a similar painting at the Vltavská metro station in Prague. Jakub works mainly with colourful geometry, which responds to buildings or the surrounding landscape, to light and shadows.

The goal of his Pilsen artwork on the extensive area of Radbuza embankment, for which the name RBS, i.e. River Bank Spot, is already used in the local skate community, was the visual unification of the entire area into one compact monumental unit. In his design, Jakub responded to the way architecture and the surrounding environment connect to each other, to the cracking of the wall, to the play of sunlight. Thanks to the bold-colour surfaces, the somewhat neglected area of the embankment cleared and literally brightened up. Jakub and his crew managed to create one of the most striking works of this year‘s festival, which is a great example of the change in perception of public space also on the part of the general public.

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