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Mrs. Maliwa faces a drought / U Radbuzy /

An illustrator, a comic-book author and a painter who under the nickname Toy Box moves both in the street environment and on the official art scene. She started with graffiti, which she subsequently replaced with murals and large-format cover drawings. In her work, she uncompromisingly comments on hot social issues, draws attention to injustice, stands up for homeless people, minorities, women‘s rights and animal freedom. Her book The Comics Textbook of Comics combines practical instructions with dreams and personal statements.

Toy Box’s Pilsen project is part of the People In Need project called Faces of Climate Change, which seeks to motivate people to become involved in solving global issues and challenges facing today’s world. A mural on the brick facade of a house near the Radbuza River depicts Zambian woman Maliwa Mukelabai, whose family is affected by climate change in Zambia.

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