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Sedlák Josef aka Akrobad, a Staněk Tomáš aka Obras (CZE)

Ship / Karlovarská 99 / WALLZ 20

Josef and Tomáš represented the young Prague-Pilsen graffiti scene at the festival. They met while studying at the Illustration Studio at the Pilsen Faculty of Design and Art and have been working closely together ever since. Among other things, they have a common interest in comics and active graffiti past and present. Together, they made a trip to Chicago where they created, among other things, a 30-meter-long mural. The spectators can also see their work on the walls of the Pilsen industrial space, DEPO2015. They also publish the underground comics magazine XRXmag. The painting Ship refers to their work with painting and writing, leading to the absolute edge of deconstruction and decay.

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