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Pauser a BFAM Crew (CZE)

Smart Home / Husova street / WALLZ 23

Tomáš Junker aka Pauser has been developing his graffiti style since the 1990s. Although he started as a street artist, he also studied fashion design. Today, graffiti and design are two cornerstones associated with his name. Pauser's early work was greatly influenced by the rise of the Internet, computer games and MTV, and today also digital technology, the rise of crypto-currencies and NFT. The fascination with the virtual world, the use of bright colours and the joyful and relaxed compositions of his paintings reflect his current way of life, his passion for graffiti, design and fashion. Tomáš Junker is also behind the creation of the street art festival in Olomouc.

Against the backdrop of symbolism, Pauser's work strives to combine digital and traditional art, as well as opposites, such as good and evil or white and black. He came to Pilsen with his crew to create a colourful painting on the side facade of the Waldorf School. The painting, depicting still life with vases, again combines digital and classical art through colour and motif. We can see dashboards alongside traditional motifs that run throughout art history, such as flowers, drapery, and a window view of the landscape (here disturbed by a house with a TV antenna) and the night sky. The entire scene is rendered in the sixteen classic colours used in the early days of computer games.

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