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Miko Jan (CZE)

Yellow station no.2 / Alej Svobody / WALLZ 21

Painter Jan Miko bases his work on his graffiti roots from the 1990s. His paintings are inspired by the street, industrial architecture and the city outskirts where he grew up. He often complements colour-expressive images with numerical codes and letters that hide various messages or reactions to the surroundings. When he travels around the world, he leaves paintings mainly in the metro area, while the atmosphere and environment of the place is crucial for him.

In Pilsen, Jan Miko was literally fascinated by the yellow trams that reminded him of his beloved Berlin. He then incorporated public transport tickets and pink slips with fines into his paintings. The bus stop by the hospital came to life with bright colours, and the incorporated letters and numbers again evoke its location, function and the bus lines.

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