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Klíma Ondřej aka Domino (CZE)

Landscape I. / Rokycanská street / WALLZ 21

Ondřej Klíma started making his first graffiti in the 1990s. He gradually moved from sprays to paints and canvas, and finally to photography, which he studied at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. He then returned to street art not only in active work, but with the ARTWISE association he manages a wall by the Prague Market-Hall in Holešovice, which he regularly restores and selects artists for. He also founded the Hunger Wall project and organizes street-art workshops for children. In his work, he keeps combining his preferred styles - landscape, abstraction and graffiti.
He chose the landscape motif also in Pilsen and created the largest mural of the Festival with a total area of almost 1,000 sq. m. The painting, which responds to the environment of the busy Rokycanská Street, lets the wall itself disappear in a stylized landscape and forms a large compact unit with the greenery of creepers, which partially cover the wall. The resulting mural, reminiscent of a giant linocut, consists of ‘banana-like’ shapes typical for the artist, which he commonly works with when creating graffiti.

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